Social Media Campaigns for Charities -

Social networking sites have now become a cornerstone of our lives. Eat, sleep, work, go on Facebook. Due to the sheer amount of people now registered on social networking sites across the globe, it is vital to keep with the times and communicate your charity’s messages via these routes.

Social Media in charities

So how can we use Social Media within our day-to-day marketing and communications? Think of the amount of people that interact and use sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn everyday. This provides charities and non-for-profit organisations with a very unique way of communicating their key messages to these people.

Whether it’s branding all your Social Media pages, advising on how to best communicate with stakeholders or setting up Ad Campaigns, SuperFly can manage as much or as little for you.


James Thompson Facebook advertRunning your ad campaigns

The great thing about Social Media, similar to SEO work, is that the adverts and messages are extremely targeted. For example, you can target users by their age, gender, location, interests or even their relationship status. The power of targeting and segmenting so easily makes Social Media an integral part of any marketing plan.

SuperFly Marketing can create advertising campaigns that are tailored towards your needs and interests so they find you easily and start interacting quickly.


Communications StrategySetting up your full Social Media Strategy

All organisations should now seriously consider Social Media as a crucial part of their Marketing and Communications mix, and in order to do that you must integrate it throughout your organisation.

After building up a following, branding your page and developing a strategy we aim to work with your organisation to make sure your staff are social media trained. Identifying key staff to carry on the work we’ve originally done for you is important in maintaining a healthy social media campaign.

Obviously, it’s up to us to direct and manage this process so you that you achieve tangible benefits from your Social Media communications.

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