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In this current economic climate, traditional funding routes are starting to dry up for the charity and non-for-profit sector. This means that alternative funding routes have to be found. The team at will help your charity reach out to the people that have emotional ties to your core services, and deliver strategies to maximise donated money.

We can implement tools that will make fundraising a much more fun and beneficial process for your charity, staff and stakeholders.


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One of the most important parts of fundraising in the charity sector, is making sure that your messages and events are consistently rolled out. One off charity ball events may generate a nice short term pot of money, but in the long term they do solely do little to keep the charity sustainable.

Planning all your events and campaigns into one nice neat little work plan, integrated into your organisations infrastructure, will have huge benefits to your charity’s future.

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Being innovative really is a crucial ingredient in the fundraising cake mixture. It’s important to get people to stand up and listen to your messages, get them on board and then receive donations because of the emotional pull.

In the past we’ve partnered charities with large companies, marketed huge local events and implemented cutting edge technology to ensure best results for charity fundraising.
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