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E-Newsletters can be one of your greatest marketing tools, to building long term relationships with your existing and potential funders/donors. can provide you with an E-Newsletter system that is designed with your brilliant branding, full editable, easy to use and trackable in so many ways.

For example, sign up to our E-Newsletter to get free charity marketing tips. Free. No spam, just great content.

Emarketing1-01Your own charity E-Newsletter System!

The most effective marketing comes from relationships that are built over time. Would you buy a house off a total stranger without getting any sort of advice? Absolutely not! Keeping your funders and contacts up to date with interesting and relevant content will build up trust and help build up great working relationships.

For less than the price of a good sized local newspaper ad, Superfly Marketing can provide you with your own Email Marketing system that allows you to easily design emails, add content, create campaigns, add to your mailing list and so much more. We’ll also design an E-Newsletter template for you to get cracking with! Add your own content or ask about our top-notch Email marketing copywriting service!

Emarketing2-01Amazing reports

This is one of the main things we love about Email Marketing, that you can track how successful your campaigns have been to the finest detail. Want to know how many people opened your email? No problem. Need to know which potential customers have clicked and browsed at your products, thanks to the email? Easy. Want to know who has unsubscribed (booooo)? Simple.

You can even watch a ‘world view’ to see where abouts on planet earth your email is being opened, in real time. Email Marketing can be a really powerful tool, and we can prove it.


Promopic-01Loads of extras

As with any Superfly Marketing service, we throw in loads of extras to help you along the way. We can crucially advise you how to deliver an E-Newsletter campaign that reaches out to your target market and engages effectively. Essentially, we tell you how to get people interacting and clicking the links on your E-Newsletter.

Other extras include specially designed buttons for your website for users to sign-up, autoresponders to add seamless communication between you and the consumer, copy and paste your current mailing list from your excel spreadsheet and so much more!

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